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target your tourists
A “Buyer Persona” is defined as the semi fictive representation of your ideal customer, based on market research and data about your actual customers. One thing is certain – this method will allow you to customize your promotional messages to different market segments and maximize your marketing efforts! If you are working in travel marketing,...
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live website chat on travel website
Having a chat on a travel website is practically similar to the visit of a potential tourist to your agency in a real world, maybe even better. Tourists get the possibility to ask you anything you want! The process of choosing the tourist destinations on the Internet, with the assistance of the interactive maps, photos...
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zero likes and comments
You need to think what relevant for your social followers and stick to the “80:20 rule” to create high-quality content on social networks. If your Facebook and Instagram posts seem “appealing” to its followers, you may think that you have great content. But what if we tell you that you are probably wrong? The number...
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Although they are becoming more and more dependent on OTAs, hotels simultaneously try to get out from the clutches of such websites that take from them a fair amount of commission and get as many direct bookings as possible. Online travel agencies, known as OTA, including Booking.com, have definitely started a complete revolution in the...
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