B2B Tourism Course

Learn how to use the best marketing strategies and (below the legal) hacks to find partners that will help you to sell more tours and grow your tourism business in 2020.

Get eminent travel partners in countries like United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, that will help you to grow your business without struggles!

Online Course – Learn Online, Wherever You Are

Business connections and proper partnerships are essential to make a sustainable and profitable tourism business, especially if you come from one of the less developed countries.

We have seen way too many tourism industry people struggling with their B2B marketing, using completely wrong strategies, without results.

This is why created this step-by-step B2B tourism course that will show you how to use the proven system and tactics that we have been using successfully for our company and our clients as well.

On this B2B tourism marketing course, you will be able to

  • How you should NOT do B2B travel marketing
  • How to find eminent travel partners in foreign countries like US, Canada, UK.
  • How to reach out to them with success
  • To build a SIPMLE but super EFFECTIVE B2B marketing strategy
  • To use proven Growth Hack techniques
  • Beat your competition with barely legal tools and strategies

Course Lessions

The course contains from the 12 video lesions. Course duration: 117 min

1. An Introduction

2. How NOT to do B2B Travel Marketing

3. Your Website

4. Dedicated Landing Page

5. Building Credibility

6. Design Your Sales Funnel

7. PPC Micro Location Targeting

8. Linkedin Advanced Search

9. Finding Prospects on Twitter

10. Bid On Their Names With Google Ads

11. Below the legal – Scraping tools and tactics

12. Setting up an automated Email marketing funnel

Additional information

We saw that business connections and proper partnerships are essential to make a sustainable and profitable tourism business.

This is really important when it comes to selling tours and promoting a destination in a foreign countries you need local B2B partners that will represent your services and products in their own countries or else you will need a miracle to succeed.

This is especially important if you are coming from not so developed country and you want to sell your tours to travelers from US, Canada, UK and other top 10 world economies.

We have also struggled with this until we didn’t discover the winning formula for successful B2B Travel Marketing!

This step-by-step B2B tourism course will show you how to use the proven system and tactics that we have been using successfully for our company and our clients as well.  

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