The Best Performing Hotel Websites in Palm Springs

We are huge fans of direct bookings. But you can’t have those without the best-performing hotel website.

That’s why we want to give thumbs up to independent hotels in Palm Springs for their efforts in making their websites technically optimized and user friendly, making it easy for their guests to book directly.

We have analyzed over 50 websites, and here are the best performing independent hotel and accommodation websites in Palm Springs.

But first, a short overview of the METHODOLOGY used for this research.

Our focus has been on independent hotels since, in most cases, the corporate hotel websites are usually standardized and pretty much the same for each hotel property, which means that the single property hotel management has little to do with the website itself.  

Each website was checked with several tools – Page Speed Insights, Google Lighthouse, Web Page Test, and GT Metrix.  

Page Speed Insights (PSI) Performance Indicators:

Performance [0-100]

Google Lighthouse (GL) Performance indicators:

  • Accessibility [0-100]
  • Best Practices [0-100]
  • SEO [0-100]

Web Page Test (WPT) Performance indicators:

  • Security [0-15]
  • First Byte time [0-15]
  • Keep-alive Enabled [0-15]
  • Compress Transfer [0-15]
  • Compress Images [0-15]
  • Cache static content [0-15]
  • Effective use of CDN [0-10]

GT Metrix (GTMx) performance indicators

  • Performance [0-100]
  • Structure [0-100]

Since these tools rely on technical optimization more than on the user experience, we have added the specially designed performance indicator for the hotel website user experience that we have developed. This indicator shows how easy the website is to navigate and use, whether there are some usability errors in the website layout, and how difficult it is for a guest to find all the info and make a booking.

Etourism Consulting’s User Experience (UX) performance indicator:

  • Website user experience [0-100]

The final score for each website represents the sum of the above-mentioned performance indicators.

It is important to note that the same parameters and settings were used in terms of device, screen size, location, and internet connection speed for each tested hotel website.

So, here are the TOP 10 best-performing hotel websites in Palm Springs?

PropertyWPTGTMxPSIGLUXTotal Score
1. Vagabond Motor Hotel821866528181695
2. Hotel California851848429144688
3. Triangle Inn801685325551607
4. La Maison Hotel701863025958603
5. The Andalusian Court681825922348580
6. Cuyama Buckhorn601361427070550
7. Parker Palm Springs901252026242539
8. Palm Mountain Resort431494124064537
9. Avalon hotel671562524436528
10. Alcazar Hotel831432523537523


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