Email Marketing

in hospitality and tourism

For most businesses, email is the cheapest but the most efficient sales channel. The power of email as a sales channel is very often underestimated, and 90% of hoteliers and tour operators don’t even try to get an email address from their clients. The truth is that email marketing can bring you a decent number of reservations without spending any money on advertising.


Our Service

We create campaigns by using some commercial tool or completely coded in HTML. If you don’t have your own mailing list, we will set up a complete system for collecting email addresses for you. 

Why is Email Marketing so important in tourism industry?

Hotels and owners of accommodation are facing a hard time to get direct reservations. Guests are using OTAs websites for reservations, who are taking commission fees from hotels.

But, when a guest who booked via OTA visits our hotel, that is our chance! We have to welcome them, provide a high-quality service and leave a good impression, so they will keep coming back. You may ask: “How to make our guest not use OTA website for their next booking in our hotel and how to avoid paying the fee again?”

Well, If you want your guests to keep coming back to your hotel, first you have to provide a great service, to satisfy or even exceed their expectations. Then, you need to get their emails! After you get their emails, our agency will take care of the rest with high-quality email marketing campaigns, and make every one of them come back to you with a direct reservation next time!

Generating New Leads

We set up the entire system for collecting emails, both online and within the object itself.

Designing Newsletters

Creating conceptual solutions for the regular newsletter and other email campaigns.


Modern tools provide a large amount of useful information about how many people opened the message, clicked on the link and made a booking.


Based on analytical data gathered through monitoring, we optimize email campaigns in order to maximize the effects.

How can we help you?

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