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Facebook Ads: AIDA Zagreb

Local Awareness Campaign

AIDA Cafe Vienna is widely known as the largest and most exclusive private cake manufacturer and brand of coffee in Europe.

In order to achieve greater online visibility for their business in Zagreb, AIDA has hired our agency and entrusted us with their complete digital marketing activities.


AIDA is a well-known brand of cakes and coffee in Europe, especially famous in Vienna. However, the newly opened branch in Zagreb needed help in order to distinguish their pastry shop from the competition and attract guests.

We identified two target groups of guests: locals and foreign tourists visiting Zagreb, but there was a problem with both target groups. It was difficult to get local people to change their habits and their usual pastry shop.

On the other hand, it was difficult to persuade foreign tourists to try Vienna cakes in Zagreb because they want to try something Croatian, authentic and domestic.

ClientAida Cafe Vienna
PeriodDuring 2015 and 2016
aida zagreb
aida zagreb
aida zagreb

Campaign Details

In order to successfully overcome these challenges, it was necessary to be constantly present on social networks Facebook and Instagram, but not only in terms of sharing new posts, but to be really present, to track relevant locations and hashtags, to comment and show the presence and to position Aida within both target groups.

These efforts were necessary to support with paid campaigns. After several tests, we decided to use the so-called Local Awareness Campaign. We have always used two Ad Sets in our Facebook campaigns – one for the locals and the other for foreign tourists.

Ad Set for local people contained ads in the Croatian language and was more customized to the domestic population. We have always pointed out in these ads that AIDA is an ideal place for the first-morning coffee, for weekly family visits, for celebrations of beautiful moments, and so on. We wanted to create an atmosphere for people who would accept Aida as their new favorite place they regularly come to. We wanted to get as many regular guests as possible!

In Ad Set for foreign tourists, ads were in English and we emphasized the quality of Aida’s brand and promoted the pastry shop as a place where they will undoubtedly get the service by the highest European standards. We knew that there are foreign tourists who do not want to risk much and will have their cake and a cup of coffee by a proven European brand.

aida local awareness

0.0005 € per impression

42% increase in revenue


After a few months of cooperation, there were noticeably more guests who often ordered cakes that we promoted at that moment through social networks.

We are particularly proud of the low ad impression cost due to high quality targeting and tailoring different ads for specific audiences. The result is that the price of the ad impression is below 0.0005 euros, which means that we paid only 50 euros for every 100,000 impressions!