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Social Media Campaign

Campaign #MojaZapadnaSerbia has so far generated more than 12,000 great photos and short videos showing the most beautiful experiences from Western Serbia on Instagram and Facebook.

moja zapadna srbija

Project Details

Etourism Consulting Agency was hired by the Regional Tourism Organization of Western Serbia, with the aim of creating and releasing the social-media promotional campaign “Moja Zapadna Srbija” (My Western Serbia).

We wanted to create a campaign that will motivate tourists to create content exclusively from the first person point of view (because it is a point of view that will best show potential tourists what they can experience in Western Serbia and what their experience will exactly look like) and then share the photos and videos on social networks Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag of the campaign #MojaZapadnaSrbija.

In order to motivate tourists to participate in the campaign, we have provided weekly and monthly awards for the most beautiful photographs.

ClientWest Serbia Regional Tourism Board
PeriodSummer season 2017. i 2018.

Our Strategy

For the purposes of the campaign, we created a promotional video that brought the desired type of content in the campaign closer to the tourists and local people, as well as the specialized micro website on www.mojazapadnasrbija.rs where people could find all the information and rules about the campaign.

The campaign “My Western Serbia” officially lasted for six months, from June to December 2017. During that period, more than 8,000 photos were generated, making the campaign more than successful!

Considering that the average user on Instagram has 287 followers, we can say that the photos of Western Serbia through this campaign had an audience of over 2.3 million people!

It was necessary to include paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for campaign realization. Given the extremely limited budget, these campaigns had to be done extremely well in order to get the maximum effect from the available budget. It is therefore important to emphasize that the ads were not shown randomly to anyone, but directly to the target group interested in particular attractions and locations, or destination as a whole.

Thanks to specific targeting and tailor-made ads for each target group, we got very low ad prices and achieved almost 1.2 million ad impressions for the estimated budget.

moja zapadna srbija


The campaign greatly influenced the popularization of the tourist region of Western Serbia, which is also shown by certain statistical data from social networks:

668% increase in Instagram followers

24% more Facebook page followers

223% higher organic reach