PPC - Pay Per Click advertising in the travel industry

Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Paid advertising on the Internet is definitely the best way to get in front of potential tourists. Our agency specializes in promotional campaigns with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the most powerful marketing weapon for most tourist businesses. Google gives us the ability to advertise on two platforms: Search Network where you can place your ads at the top of Google Search results for specific search keywords and Display Network with which you can place your banners on various sites across the internet. Etourism Consulting professionals have official Google Ads certifications for both advertising platforms.


Facebook Ads

If you knew how much data Facebook has about its users it would probably be scary for you, as the average user.

However, from the perspective of advertisers, this is precisely why Facebook is the ideal platform for the promotion of travel and hospitality services because, thanks to the information it possesses, there is a huge possibility of targeting specific groups of ideal travelers.

facebook ads

Detailed Analysis

Market analysis, creating an ideal guest profile, keyword analysis, budgeting.

Campaign Structuring

Targeting specific groups of tourists, selecting campaign type, devices, demographics,… Creating ads tailored to a specific group of tourists.

Campaign Optimization

Monitor campaign effects and regular optimization in order to achieve higher advertising efficiency.


Periodic reporting about the campaign performance with interpretation and additional recommendations.

Years of experience

We have more than 6 years of experience in PPC advertising of tourism and hospitality services. We know how to get the maximum out of small budgets, but also to achieve the best possible effects with bigger budgets. We have experiences in the paid promotion of tourist destinations, hotels, apartments, travel packages, local tours, conferences, concerts, cultural events, restaurants, pastry shops.

Etourism Consulting provides PPC services to clients across the globe! We have experience in promoting tourism products for clients from the USA, Mexico, Chile, Australia, Italy, Colombia, as well as many years of experience with different clients from the Balkans region.

Our Services

If you are not proficient in internet marketing, especially in PPC advertising, you can spend a lot of money on ads without getting the desired results. We know how to optimize advertising campaigns for Google and Facebook, so that your target audience can see them, with the lowest cost.

The essence of paid advertising is to get 50 or 100 euros of revenue on every 10 euros invested in advertising, and not the other way around.

Our agency can help you in Facebook or Google advertising, as well as other segments of online promotion, depending on your needs.

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