Facebook Ads Case Study – JollyKop Apartments


Client: JollyKop Apartments
Period: Winter season 2016

Learn how JollyKop Apartments saw a 95% season occupancy rate with this Facebook Ads case study. The personalized ads led to a better customer experience and lowered the price per click by 250%!


Tourists have more and more diverse interests when it comes to destinations, motives, and services. Every day we have some new thematic type of tourism routes and interests.

This is why it is important to adapt the promotional message to different segments of potential guests and their specific interest.

In the past, this was not easy to do, but the internet has just made this possible. Still, many tourism advertisers do not personalize their campaigns and advertising is generally done on the principle that one ad is displayed randomly to everyone, although personalization gives incomparably better results, which is shown once again in our case study with JollyKop Apartments.

jolly kop facebook ads case study

Project Details

The goal was to reach ski lovers from the main emitting areas, primarily from Belgrade and Novi Sad, through Facebook advertising. We first made a general campaign that showed ads to all skiing fans from these two cities. The results were decent.

However, we knew that this general campaign cannot be better than those tailored for more specific target groups. With the help of the information given by the client, we created two basic target groups.

Our Strategy

We decided to divide our ski lovers into two specific subgroups:

  1. Younger guests who like adrenaline activities
  2. Older guests who come with their family

Although both categories belong to skiing lovers, it is clear that there are huge differences among them in the reasons why they are traveling, the way in which they spend their vacation, in their needs, habits, and fears during the vacation.

It’s important to research both target groups well and then apply it to our campaign and personalize ads to each subgroup (ad set).

faecbook ads campain case study

Facebook Ads Campaign

Within the campaign, we created two Ad Sets, one for each target group. This allowed us to create special ads for each group individually.

For younger adrenaline junkies we created an ad with a visual that clearly shows extreme activities on the ski trail. If we were to show this visual to family people, we would have the opposite effect because that’s exactly what they are afraid of fast-driving skiers that can potentially endanger their safety and the safety of their family. However, for our younger target group, the visual full of adrenaline easily grabs their attention.

In the family people ad set we created different ads in which we put emphasis on good food and comfort. We emphasized that the apartments have a playroom for children with an animator in the ad copy, which is certainly of great importance for this group of tourists.  If we were to present this to a younger subgroup who wanted to have fun, it is certain that they would not want to book accommodation that has a children’s playroom.

So we achieved what actually personalization is – we adjusted promotional messages to different segments of potential guests.

facebook ads case study


  250% lower CPC

95% season occupancy rate

The results are maybe illustrated the best in this sentence that we received from the JollyKop apartment reception:

We are 120% full, we have no rooms left, stop with the advertising!

We would probably have achieved the same occupancy with the initial general campaign in which one ad was shown to everyone. However, using personalization we managed to do the same with a much lower budget. The cost per click was as much as 250% lower!

We always try to optimize campaigns and achieve the highest efficiency and cost-effectiveness of advertising, and personalization is definitely the most important concept for achieving this.

Milan Stojković
Milan Stojković
Founder of Etourism Consulting agency, educator and lecturer, founder of multiple online travel projects. Worked with over 300 travel industry companies, helping them to attract more tourists, increase room occupancy and tour sales, and improve their businesses.

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