Consulting and Mentorship


We monitor what you do and how you promote your hotel online. We point out the mistakes and downsides in your digital marketing efforts and provide information on how to overcome them as well as additional recommendations and tips on how to further improve sales!

We can also help with the personal development of sales and marketing personnel and help them to master the skills of online sales in tourism.



Our consulting services are ideal for hoteliers, accommodation owners, tour operators or travel agents that already use digital marketing in promoting and selling their travel services, but they need someone to look over their work, point out the mistakes, tell about potential chances and opportunities and give some fresh ideas, in order to improve the online marketing efficiency.

Consulting services are much cheaper than our regular online marketing services (when we do all the job for you), but a prerequisite for this type of cooperation is that the client already has enough technical knowledge and understanding of online marketing in order to be able to implement our inputs.


Mentoring services are intended for individuals who do not have experience with digital marketing in tourism but would like to master these skills.

Our mentor creates a working program depending on the initial level of knowledge and other factors. The mentor and candidate together go through all stages of personal development. After complete program the candidate is able to fully manage the online marketing campaigns when the program ends.


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