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Travel Marketing Strategy

What makes your digital travel marketing strategy so important?

Online marketing strategy shows a clear direction of all online marketing activities with clearly defined working methods, set up procedures and strategic goals. The strategy is the foundation for budget planning, staff training or hiring a partner for the promotional travel campaigns.

The strategy reduces dependency on individuals because it sets a clear system of work and procedures so that online marketing does not depend on one person, and everyone can quickly become a part of the marketing team.

sales funnel digital travel marketing strategy


The strategies we create usually consist of two basic parts: situational analysis and the strategy of online promotion and sales. Situational analysis (website, social networking, advertising campaigns, email campaigns, etc.) addresses all the shortcomings in current online marketing activities with specific instructions on how to correct the shortcomings.

In the second part of the strategy, we create a complete sales funnel for a specific tourism business with clear steps and explanations of each activity in each phase on the traveler’s digital journey from the initial interest until the final reservation.


We point out all the shortcomings in current online marketing activities and give actionable advice on how to overcome them.


We will map the guest’s path until the final reservation, design the sales funnel for your travel business and tell you how to implement all necessary activities.


We define timely goals and KPIs for every stage in a sales funnel if it is meaningful for doing it. Sometimes timing is not applicable, and we won't define goals just for no reason.


We will provide you with consulting support for successful implementation of all the steps defined by the strategy.

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