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Community Management for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Professional account management on social networks for destinations, hotels, apartments, tour operators.

Social networks are ideal for tourism promotion and today everyone is aware of the importance of quality presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… However, all this requires time and commitment. Would it not be better to leave it to professionals, so that you can focus on the quality of your service and business development?



Designing and sharing content on page. Responding to messages and comments. Performance reporting.



Sharing regular posts and Insta Stories. Responding to messages, comments, tracking relevant hashtags and locations.


Regular tweeting and content creation. Monitoring of relevant hashtags and profiles and interacting with them.



Let us take care of your online reputation! Monitoring reviews, responding and reporting.

Our Service

Travelers do not make easy decisions about their next trip. It can take 3-5 years from the time they first notice you on social networks until they really decide to visit your hotel or destination or book a tour with you.

All that time you need to be regularly present on social networks. You need to build relationships with your potential guests so that you can be the first on their mind when it comes to traveling.

We can help you with managing one or several social network accounts. This should be combined with paid advertising as well, at least with Instagram and Facebook.

How can we help you?

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