Digital Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality

Digital Marketing in Tourism

Digital marketing in tourism is essential for running a successful tourism business. We help hoteliers, accommodation owners and tour operators to achieve higher incomes in tourism by providing them with an exceptional digital marketing services

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What is digital marketing in tourism and why is it important?

Digital tourism marketing includes a set of different marketing activities that rely on digital tools and channels to promote and sell tourism products and services.

Considering that modern tourists start their journey on the Internet, digital marketing is essential for running a successful tourism business. Today’s travelers have internet in their pocket and are online 24/7. This is why tourism advertisers need to use Google, YouTube, Social Media, Email, and other channels and techniques – to share their messages and stories where their potential guests are.

Digital VS Traditional Media in Tourism

Digital marketing channels in tourism are far more efficient in promotion and sales because tourists use the Internet to search for information about flights, hotels, and destinations.

The possibility of extremely accurate targeting is another advantage. Thanks to the footprints that tourists leave during their online activities, it is much easier to place a promotional message in front of tourists who are currently interested in a particular tourist product.

Comparing to traditional media, digital marketing in tourism is transparent and easily measurable. With adequate tracking and analysis, tourism advertisers can quickly see if a particular campaign has positive effects and then even further optimize it for even greater success and maximized performance.

If set up correctly and professionally managed and optimized, digital marketing campaigns in tourism can be way more effective and cheaper than campaigns in traditional media.

Our Tourism Marketing Services:

digital marketing in tourism - Google_Ads

Google Ads

Certified Google Ads and Google Analytics experts will ensure that your Google Ads campaigns finally deliver the desired bookings and more tourists!

digital marketing in tourism - facebook-ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram – Setting up campaigns, pixels, audiences, remarketing and conversions. Targeting desired groups of tourists with proper ad creatives.

Website Optimizations digital marketing in tourism

Website Optimizations

We follow every step of a potential guest on your website and optimize his/her path until the final reservation.

digital marketing in tourism

Marketing Analysis and Strategies

We analyze the complete online performance (website, campaigns, social networks, etc.) of your tourism business and create a detailed internet marketing strategy for you.

Social Networks - digital marketing in tourism

Social Networks

We will take care of your social networks by engaging with your audience, providing quality content and growing your community.

digital marketing in tourism

Education and Consulting

We deliver short lectures, as well as multi-day trainings, and provide consulting services for clients across the world.









Our Clients and Projects

What our clients say

It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with the agency Etourism Consulting and Mr. Milan Stojković. The social-media campaign “Moja Zapadna Srbija” that we launched on social networks, has achieved, in a short time, great success and has become an example of how to design and run promotional campaigns on social networks for travel destinations.
miroslav radjen
Miroslav Rađen
Director, Regional Tourism Board West Serbia