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We have analyzed more than 400 travel websites and these are the most common mistakes! Last year we had an action within the Etourism Consulting agency and we presented a free website analysis to all the interested tourism industry stakeholders – hoteliers, tour operators, travel agents, destinations. In a nutshell: We processed more than 400...
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how to do travel market research
If you are running a travel and hospitality business (or planning to do so) you need to conduct a travel market research if you want to be successful in it. A few decades ago only the largest industry players could afford a thorough tourism market research, but now you can do it by yourself! We’ve...
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Did you know that you can be promote at every Tourism Fair without spending money on trip, accommodation, and booths? No, you do not even have to pay for an entrance ticket! Another ITB is happening in Berlin, and somehow everyone in the industry is talking about it. The most common question we get is:...
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digital travel marketing trends 2020
The last months of the year are the right time to slowly summarize your business results and create a digital travel marketing strategy for the next year. If you’ve been thinking about what would be good to apply next year to attract more tourists at a lower price, then it will surely be useful for...
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Hotel content marketing focuses on creating relevant content to attract potential guests, satisfy their needs and get more direct bookings. Imagine this situation… Mark wants to book seven days for his family at Aspen, Colorado in July. However, Mark is not sure whether Aspen can be interesting for children during summer when there is no...
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In this article we will cover the basics of why and how to use Google Ads in travel industry. We won’t go into details but you can get on them if you follow the links provided in this article. To put it briefly, Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is paid Google advertising, which...
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best rated hotel wordpress themes
Do you need a new hotel website? We have handpicked the best rated and most sold hotel WordPress themes, regularly updated in 2019! They say that the first impression is the most important in the hotel industry. Long gone are the days when a hotel receptionist or the doorman were responsible for making a positive...
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instagram story in travel marketing
Use Instagram story in travel marketing to capture every moment and create spontaneous content that fits perfectly into the area of tourism! Instagram Story has brought a much more spontaneous and simpler way of creating content and has allowed the new short-term content to display the most authentic elements of tourism offer, services, and experiences....
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direct bookings from instagram
In this post we are going to reveal a super effective strategy that will help you to get more direct bookings from Instagram! The secret is in hashtags! What is a hashtag? The users see the hashtags when they search content on Instagram in photo descriptions or in comments. When someone clicks on a hashtag,...
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Net Promoter Score in tourism is a simple indicator of guests’ contentment and it is obtained by asking only one question. Professional hotels aim to get feedback from their guests about their contentment with the stay in a hotel. However, they do this by using questionnaires with dozens of questions, which can be tiresome for tourists....
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